Worried about your mortgage payments?

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If you feel worried about missing a mortgage payment, there is information here that will help. 

You are not going through this worry on your own. We can help you, just as we have helped others. We recognise that there are times when customers struggle to make their mortgage payments on time.

We know from helping others that the best and simplest thing to do is to contact us. Ignoring the situation doesn't help.

If at all possible, try to avoid missing a payment as it could affect your credit rating and end up costing more in the long run. If you think you might miss a payment, call us as soon as you can. 

Our people have lots of experience helping customers get their finances back on track. Once you call us on 0818 280 280, we’ll let you know what you can do next.

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Customers affected by MICA or Pyrite

We have a team dedicated to supporting you.

Please email us your name, contact number, address of the property, and your mortgage account number to mica@mail.ebs.ie and a member of our MICA team will call you.

For more information on the Government MICA Grant Scheme please check this link Schemes for houses affected by pyrite or mica (citizensinformation.ie)

Need more information?

If you still feel like you need more information, phone us at 0818 280 280

Our FAQ page also has some useful details.