Fees and charges

There will be costs that you must pay in applying for a mortgage in applying for a mortgage. For example:

Valuation Report

We will ask for a valuation report for the property you want to buy. While this must be arranged with a Valuer from our panel of Valuers, we will charge €150 for it. 

A re-valuation, which will cost you €65, will be needed if the property is valued more than four months before the loan drawdown (or of the final stage payment of a self-build).

Stamp Duty

There is government stamp duty on your mortgage as a percentage of the buying price. Your solicitor will tell you how much it is.

Our Solicitors’ fees

If the security includes a new mortgage over property that is not your private dwelling place or holiday home, you will have to pay our solicitors’ fees.

Property Insurance

For your own protection as well as ours, you need to pay for home insurance.

Life Assurance

Unless you are exempt under the Consumer Credit Act of 1995, you must provide proof of mortgage protection insurance if you or your dependents intend to use the home as their primary residence. If you or anyone else on the mortgage dies, this insurance is intended to pay off your mortgage in full.