Missed a mortgage payment?

Here's what you need to do now

Getting your mortgage back on track after missing a payment may seem obvious, but it is the best course of action.

Every day, we support customers in making plans to make up missed payments. They sometimes begin by believing their situation is hopeless, but after working with us, they are able to get their mortgage back on track.

We have a four stage procedure known as the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP).

What to do next

Calling us as soon as you receive our letter is the best course of action when we write to you. We can develop a strategy the sooner you act. Call us at 0818 280 280 to speak with one of our people who can walk you through the next steps.

Filling out your Standard Financial Statement (SFS). It contains a lot, yet it is the only way to get a complete and clear picture of your finances. If you need help with it, one of us can go through each part of the SFS over the phone. We'll also need documents from you, such bank statements and payslips. We can find a solution more quickly the earlier you fill out the form and return all your supporting documentation. Find out more about SFS here.

Once we get your SFS and all the documents we need, we will look at your options for managing your mortgage arrears. In most cases there will be a solution for you. We need the form to be fully filled out for this to happen. That’s the only way we can come up with a solution.

Most of the time, there will be a solution for you. Although every situation is unique, some examples of solutions include:

  • Temporarily reduced payments - where the amount due each month is temporarily reduced.
  • Missed payments are added to the overall amount owed, so that they are paid off over time.
  • Term extension - A longer repayment time for the mortgage.

But repaying off all of your missed payments is by far the most effective and affordable option. Whether you do that or we agree a solution, it means you have a plan and that’s always better than ignoring the situation.

That’s the overview

If you’d like more detail about the MARP process, then see here

You can download the SFS form below. Many of our customers call our people on the phone to get some help doing the form.

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