For most people, owning a home of their own is the goal. You’ve probably spent whole evenings talking it over with your other half or friends: the style of kitchen you’ll have, how many bedrooms you’ll go for – even the type of bed linen you’ll buy.


Deciding to buy a house and saving for that deposit is a huge decision so congratulations if you’re on that path. If you’re a first time buyer, it’s possibly an even bigger decision and a pretty daunting path to go down alone.


Luckily, you don’t have to traipse the rocky road to your first mortgage alone – you can avail of a mortgage intermediary.


Using a mortgage intermediary comes with a wealth of benefits – from the independent analysis of the mortgages available to having someone there to support you through what is usually a lengthy process. Having someone with professional experience and an unbiased agenda is invaluable to navigating the minefield of the mortgage world.


A mortgage application can take around 60 hours to complete – which is a lot to juggle on top of your regular, busy life.


Mortgage intermediary help by lending their knowledge and eyes to the paperwork, and their ears for any woes. During the mortgage process, your intermediary will happily become your best friend.


What’s it like to work with a mortgage intermediary?

To get things started, the mortgage intermediary will sit down with you and assess your financial situation and then do an in-depth analysis of the market and the options available to you.


They will then be able to speak to you knowledgeably about your options and how they best fit your parameters.


Not only that, they will be on hand at all times to answer any mortgage-related queries you may have, and to essentially hold your hand throughout the whole process.


They’ve gone through all this before, possibly hundreds of times, so no matter what question you have, they’re sure to have come across it before.


No matter what you need to have or do, your mortgage intermediary is there to not only advise you on what to get together, but also to submit forms and applications for you. So, from compiling all that paperwork to dealing directly with the lenders on your behalf, having a mortgage intermediary on your side will be an invaluable source of expertise and support for you through this sometimes-daunting process.


Some other benefits of going with a mortgage intermediary include that they are unbiased and independent so you know that when they get you with the best deal, it really is the best deal for you. Every intermediary will have contacts and connections with all the lenders and a unique perspective on the market as it’s their full-time job. They will be able to keep the process going every day – which is useful for you as you’d otherwise have to juggle your mortgage application around your day-to-day life.


Most importantly in this whole process, your mortgage intermediary will be able to give you peace of mind. It’s a meticulous business compiling the paperwork, cross-checking documents and generally making sure that everything is in order.


The final stages of getting a mortgage can be the most stressful especially if there are any last-minute changes or requests for more information. This is when having a mortgage intermediary comes into its own.


Having a professional on board who knows exactly what to do and when to do it has got to be the biggest benefit of engaging a mortgage intermediary.


Applying for a mortgage?

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