Planning ahead for a wedding

Big plans for a big day

If you like to plan, then you'll love to plan a wedding. Down to the little details. It's a big day when nothing should be left out. Listing out all the costs will give you a sense of control and help you prepare to make that day as perfect as it can be.

Planning for the big day

Brendan and Ciaran wanted the perfect wedding. They had a good idea of budget, but when they costed out every detail, they realised it was going to cost more than they had. Luckily, they were planning well in advance, so they saved as much as they could by shopping more carefully, eating in, and skipping luxuries. They kept track of their goal and when they realised that savings wasn’t going to be enough they agreed a small loan to make up the difference, budgeting for the repayments in their plan as well. 

We've some simple budgeting tips that can help you work it all out

Planning makes perfect

Think of all the things that you need for your wedding. The venue, the number of guests, catering, rings, the dress, photography and entertainment.

Keep a column for the costs, another for possible cash gifts and of course add a little buffer because there's always the extra guest and the last minute run over in costs.

Wedding budgeting

Weddings are expensive, but worth it. But rarely do we have the means to pay for it outright. Check your income against the cost of the wedding. Think of how you might make up any difference. Consider whether you might receive help from aprents or cash gifts. Try to make there as concrete as you can before relying on them in your plan

We've some simple budgeting tips that can help you work it all out.

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Planning gives you control

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