Fraud Prevention Measures

Please be aware that Haven Mortgages has received a number of reports of a fraudulent 'request for information' e-mail. The email in circulation has the appearance of being sent from Haven Mortgages.

Any such emails requesting customers to 'verify' their account information are a scam.

'Request for Information' emails usually claim that it is necessary to "update", "verify" or "confirm" your customer account information and they urge people to click on a link from the email which takes them to a bogus or spoof website.

Please note that Haven Mortgages will never contact you by email to ask you to provide sensitive information by clicking on a link and visiting a web site.

What to do if you receive suspicious looking email?

Do not click any links

Do not open any attachments

Do not enter any of your personal details on the fraudulent email or on the fraudulent web site or pop-up.

Forward the email to and then delete the email.

Contact our Support team on 0818 565 500. Lines are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday.