Tracker Mortgage Examination

Review of Tracker Mortgages

Haven have concluded a comprehensive review of customer mortgage accounts with regard to tracker rates. The review was part of an industry wide investigation, required by the Central Bank of Ireland.

We wrote to all customers who were affected by our failure and provided them with a payment for redress and compensation as well as a payment towards the cost of independent professional advice. Where impacted accounts were open, we corrected the interest rate on the account. We also provided customers with details of the independent appeals process.

These steps were taken in line with the principles outlined by the Central Bank, and key aspects of our work were reviewed by an independent third party, KPMG.

Although our review is now complete, we will continue to review individual cases if and when they arise.


If your mortgage account was affected, we will write to you.

We have a team of staff who are ready to help you. Please ring our helpline team using the contact details mentioned in your letter.

Yes. You will need to confirm in writing (through the approved “Third Party Advisor” form) that we can liaise with the Advisor in relation to the Tracker Mortgage Examination. You can find this form here or you can contact our helpline team to request it.

What can I do with my cheque?

You can lodge your cheque. Lodging it will not affect your right to make an appeal, complain to us, or to the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman or pursue this matter through the Courts. You are not required to apply any of your payment against your mortgage account.

Why did I receive a payment instruction form instead of a cheque?

A payment instruction form is most frequently issued where there are multiple parties to a loan living at different addresses. We need you to complete this form so that we know how you would like us to split your payment.

Personal representatives of deceased borrowers

Where we were aware of the personal representative of a deceased borrower, we also sent them a letter along with a payment instruction form. Click here for more about the identification documents that personal representatives need to provide to us before the cheque will issue to them.


Do I have the right to appeal the redress and compensation?

Yes, you have the right to appeal the actions we have taken to correct our failure. You can submit your appeal within 12 months of the date on the letter in which we provided full details of the redress and compensation payment.

What can I appeal?

You can appeal any aspect of redress and compensation within 12 months of the date on your letter in which we provided full details of your payment. Our decisions on the level of redress and compensation was based on the information available to us in our review of your account. As part of the appeals process you can include any additional material financial information which you would like to have considered.

Who will hear my appeal?

All appeals are heard by a fully independent appeals panel in accordance with the Terms of Reference and Procedural Rules of the appeals panel.

 A fully independent appeals panel that operates under the Terms of Reference established in accordance with the Central Bank of Ireland will hear each and every appeal. An independent appeals panel secretariat will run the panel's operations, and throughout an appeal, the secretariat will be the only point of contact with the consumer.


The appeals panel comprises of three individuals:

  • One member with legal qualifications who will be the Chair or Head of the Appeals Panel. Either Lisa Broderick, Gary Rice, Niamh McKeever or James Colville

  • One member with accountancy qualifications. Either Eugene McMahon, Aedin Morkan, Brendan Waters or Joe Carr

  • One member with appropriate experience of dealing with consumer affairs. Either Ann Fitzgerald, Ita Mangan, Kevin Rafter or Donal Connell


How do I begin an appeal?

Customers who received a letter providing detailed calculations of their redress and compensation payment can request an appeal application pack. To request this pack, please contact the helpline number provided in your letter. The pack will give you more details about the overall appeals process. Customers who decide to appeal will need to complete the appeal application pack and return it (together with any supporting documents relevant to their appeal) to the address set out in the form.

Having further questions

If you have further questions, please call our helpline team on 0818 565 500 who available Monday to Friday between are 9am and 5pm, or write to us at Haven Tracker Mortgage Review, 10 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, D02 R126.

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