If you’re considering getting a mortgage to buy a home, you’ve probably heard tales of woe of those who’ve gone before – the masses of paperwork, the ‘i’s that need to be dotted and the ‘t’s that need to be crossed. You’ve probably heard about people going grey in the process too.


Either way, you already know that getting a mortgage can be more than a little stressful. Worth it, of course – but stressful all the same!



So, to save your hair and your sanity, what can you do? Well, you can bring on someone with expertise in the area to lighten the load. In this case, this expert is your friendly mortgage intermediary.


A mortgage intermediary is someone who is independent, unbiased, knows the market and the lenders and has your best interests at heart. Not only that but they can help you speed up the process of getting a mortgage application together. Given how long it can take to get all your ducks in a row to buy a house, that should be music to your ears.



So here are five ways a mortgage intermediary can help speed up your mortgage application:


1. They do the hard work for you


One of the major concerns of getting a mortgage is finding a lender and rates that best suit your circumstance. It takes time, dedication, effort and tons of research – but a mortgage intermediary can handle all that for you.



They save you time from the get-go by assessing your particular situation and finding the best mortgage for you. And as they’re independent you know they really will get you the best deal.



2. They know what to compile


As someone very wise said, knowledge is power – and knowing what needs to be done is half the battle. You could spend ages going from lender to lender to find out their requirements. After all, you need to make sure that you have everything lenders need exactly as they need it.



Of course, the alternative is handing that hassle over to your lovely mortgage intermediary who knows exactly who needs what and when.



3. They know the lenders


Knowing the market and the lenders is something else you’ll have to immerse yourself in if you are going it alone. But if you appoint a mortgage intermediary, you’ll save yourself a ton of time right there. They can do in-depth research of the market and the lenders for you to make sure you get the best deal – and they can do it in a fraction of the time that you can.


4. They work while you work


If you’re going down the path of getting a mortgage by yourself, you’ll more than likely have to do it around your day job or other obligations. This means that the amount of time you can spend on it is limited.


This also means that things can take much longer simply because you just won’t have the time.


Enter your mortgage intermediary whose full-time job it is to deal with these things. You can expect the whole process to be much-less time consuming and disruptive.


5. They're a second pair of eyes


There’s nothing worse than submitting ‘everything’ only to find out that you have missed a document or something is incorrect, or that you signed the wrong page.
You’ll have to remedy the mistake and it’s more burned time and stress on top of your application. Having someone on board who knows what to look for is a plus, and you’d be surprised how helpful it is having a second pair of eyes to meticulously check everything.


In the journey of getting a mortgage, every bit of help goes a long way!


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